Map-n-Track Your Vehicles.

The system will allow your vehicles (bicycles, boats, etc.) to be tracked in real time.

Each vehicle contains a record with custom data that you want to show on the map.





Up to 20 additional pairs of information to be displayed for the vehicle.

The vehicle can be tracked using a tracking device. We currently offer three different devices, each with different capability.

Our proprietary mobile tracking app

The app will allow the driver to not only show the location, but also provide real time feedback when interacting with the customer.

The mobile app will capture:
• The time when entering and exiting the customer’s location.
• The time the task was started and completed.
• The overall task status.
• Additional help/resources if additional action is required.

GlobalStar Satellite tracking devices

These devices provide the same data as the OBD devices but use satellite communication rather than broadband phone services.

This would be used in off-the-grid environments.

On Board Diagnostic GPS tracking device

These devices are generally used to track mileage, driver speeds and ETL information for other software systems.

Our system can piggy-back on these devices to show where the vehicle is in relation to your customers. With these devices the system can determine when the vehicle arrives and departs at each customer location.

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