The Map-n-Track system provides real-time operational awareness which is the ability to visualize dispersed activities within your organization as they are happening and allows management to review, adjust, and notify team members to optimize results.

There are many existing systems which will allow you to place locations on a map and there are may systems which allow you to track vehicles or cell phones. Many high-end CRM systems allow integrated mapping and data collection.

The system is designed to act as a stand-alone mapping system or as an add-on mapping solution to DIY or Commercial CRM Systems.

The Map-n-Track system is designed to not only map customer locations, but also track and report employee’s progress in real time.

The system will allow the home office to be fully aware of the entire operation and to adjust in real-time.

The system has robust tools which allow data to be entered or modified easily.

Each Map-n-Track client can create several maps and layers depending upon the license level. The maps can be either private, requiring login, or public (if you publish the encrypted map ID)

Each map can have several layers which can be updated individually in real time.

The system allows the user to define unique content displayed on the Map. The locations will include:

  • Required Fields:
    • Unique ID
    • Name
    • Latitude / Longitude (can be generated from address)
  • Custom Fields
    • Contact
    • Phone
    • Up to 20 additional custom fileds
  • Images and attached pdf files
  • Sub Assets
    • Tasks, Jobs, Equipment, etc
    • Up to 20 additional user defined  fields .

When a customer job is created, it may have items that are defined within the job.

  • Tasks
  • Equipment
  • Sub Jobs
  • Assigned people, etc.

The system can track ‘movable assets’ (vehicles, boats, employees, bicycles) in real time.

The vehicle is displayed on the map with user defined attributes.

Each vehicle has an attached tracking device that provides its location, speed and direction every n seconds. The vehicle location is displayed on the map in real-time.

  • OBD (On Board Diagnostic) plugin or hardwired
  • Satellite tracking devices
  • AIS Ship tracking
  • Custom System
  • Phone App
    • Tracking only
    • Data collection

The vehicle history can be displayed.

With the data collecting phone app, when the vehicle is within a pre-defined proximity of one or more customer locations, the system will capture the time it arrived and left.

When the employee starts the job, the time is captured.

With the employee finishes the job the job status is captured.

  • Completed
  • Issues
  • Partially Completed

The employee can also answer user defined questions.

The location icon will change color when the job is done and will display the feedback information on the map.

The system to allows user friendly and pragmatic data entry:

  • Enter data directly into the website
  • Upload Excel spreadsheets
  • Upload json or excel data using the API function.

The system has robust tools allowing easy data entry

  • Geocoding
  • Icon Generation
  • Template filtering
  • Image and pdf attachments
  • Ability to have ‘sub-assets’ within a location

The collected data is displayed within the location info window on the map in real-time.

The location icon will also change color when the status changes.

The data can be downloaded as excel or json files.

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